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Xpress Send Hosted Version 2.0.001 Now Available!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest version of Xpress Send Hosted!  We are always working hard to give our customers a simple solution, at a great price, which is always up-to-date with their needs. Below are some of the new features:

Imaging with Clonezilla – As previously announced, our new version of XS now offers an imaging solution through Clonezilla.  This is offered free of charge and does not require any licensing.  You will be able to PXE boot, boot from CD, or boot from a USB disk to image computers.

VMware Tools Installation – An option to install VMware Tools for ESXi hosts is now available.

SCSI Hardware Upgrade – VM drive hardware has been upgraded from IDE to SCSI.

Active Directory Sync – Active Directory synchronization is now included with the appliance.

Computer Inventory – Computer data is now inventoried in the XS database.  It will gather boot time, OS data, UAC status, hardware information, network information, application information, services status, and other computer data.

Enhanced Task Search – Task searching is now enhanced with filtering options based on computer name, job name, and job status.

Enhanced Computer Search – You can now search computers by computer name, username, operating system, computer manufacturer, computer model, and computer serial number.

Along with all of the new features we have installed all OS and software updates.  We have also updated all of our online documentation to match the new features.

Imaging with Xpress Send & Clonezilla

Coming up in the newest version of Xpress Send we will be adding imaging support through Clonezilla.  Clonezilla is a great open source partition and disk imaging program that will image almost any file system.  Through the Xpress Send web interface you will be able to customize boot options to load Clonezilla.  You type in 6 simple pieces of information and you’re imaging computers in minutes!


The customized boot options that Xpress Send provides give you simple one-click options for restoring and creating images.  Your file server and share information is input into the XS web interface.  After you update the web interface Xpress Send will custom build a PXE Boot Menu and boot CD.


Your Xpress Send server acts as a PXE server.  When you boot your workstation it will contact the Xpress Send server and the server will send back the custom boot options.  You will also have an ISO with the same boot options that are available in PXE.  Using Tuxboot you can create a bootable USB disk from your ISO.

You can view the configuration document here.