Monthly Archives: January 2014

Xpress Send Hosted Version 2.1.001 Now Available!

The newest version of Xpress Send Hosted is now available for download.  The XS client is now compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.  In addition to supporting Microsoft’s new operating systems we have added the following new features:

Redesigned Xpress Send Client – The XS client has been redesigned to support the new Windows operating systems.  We have also implemented the “Xpress Send Monitor” service that allows for streamlined processing of jobs.  All jobs are now automatically logged into the XS database.  The new client also supports other features of the updated XS database.

Software License Manager – Keep track of the installed program and operating system licenses in your environment.  The license manager will give you an at-a-glace view of your software license usage for audits and compliancy.

Computer Grouping – Computers can now by put into groups for simplified deployment.  Create groups for desktops, servers, sites, or any other configuration that fits your organization.

Updated Web Interface – The XS web interface has been updated for simplified use.  Menus have been combined into a more simplified structure.  Logs now launch in a new compact window for easier viewing and access back to the system.  A new job status of “Running” has been created.  Jobs will show as “Running” until the job is complete and the logs are uploaded into the XS system.

Simplified Job Creation – “Download and Run” and “File Overlay” jobs now use their file name as the job name to simplify the job creation process.

Improved Search Features – Computer and job searches have been improved with new filtering and sorting options.

Expanded Appliance Hard Drive – The XS Hosted appliance hard drive has been increased from 5GB to 20GB to allow for the new database and imaging features.

Along with all of the new features we have installed all OS and software updates.  We have also updated all of our online documentation to match the new features.