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Proper Java Updates

There has been a lot of talk about Java updates with all of the security issues that have recently surfaced.  A lot of people are frantically installing Java updates, not realizing they are leaving the old versions installed that contain the problems.  Oracle’s recommended procedure to install updates is to remove all previous versions before installing the new.  If you have an environment with automatic updates enabled you can find yourself with 10 or 20 old versions of Java on your network.

Xpress Send will allow you to automate the removal of all versions of Java.  We have complied a list of all current versions of Java 6 and 7 which allows for simple removal from any system.  Once you have it removed you can automate the installation of the new secure version of Java.  Take a look at the XS Programs page and search for Java.  Load them into your XS system and put your Java security worries at bay!